3 Pc Embroidered Shirt With Tye N Dye Dupatta and Cotton Shalwar CKP22-16
- Embroidered Shirt - Front Sleeves and Back Finished With Stitching Details or Lace Work - Net Tye N Dye Dupatta Finished with lace Work & Stitching Details  - Plain Cotton Trouser Finished with Embroidered Pattie & Stitching Details Body length  4-6...
Rs. 8,150.00
Kids Festive Eid CKP21-12
Long ShirtEmbroidered zari lawn front  back and sleeve's long airline shirt finished with lace's and stitching details.TrouserEmbroidered cotton trouser finished with lace work and stitching details.DuppataNet dupatta finished with lace work and stitching details. Body Length For Shirt 4/5 6/7...
Rs. 7,701.00
Kids Festive Eid CKP-21-19
Airline shirtEmbroidered Airline Lawn front Finished With Organza Embroidered details and lace's. Plain lawn Sleeve's Finished with organza Embroidered and lace work. Back plain Lawn.          Trouser Cotton Straight Trouser Finished Organza Embroidered Stripe Attached and Lace.DupattaNet Tie-e-Dye Dupatta Finished with...
Rs. 6,681.00
Kids Festive Eid CKP21-23
Andrakha FrockEmbroidered Andrakha Frock Finished with Lace's and Stitching Details.  Qlot Trouser Cotton Qlot Trouser Finished With lace's work.DupattaNet Dyed Dupatta Finished With Lace's details.Body Length 4/5 6/7 7/8 9/10 11/12 30 32 34 36 38
Rs. 6,681.00
Kids Festive Eid CKP-21-17
ShirtEmbroidered Lawn Front and Sleeve's Finished with Adda Spray and lace's. Back plain Lawn.Qlot Trouser Cotton Qlot trouser Finished With Embroidered Organza details.DupattaNet Multy Color Dyed Dupatta Finished With Lace work.Body Length 4/5 6/7 7/8 9/10 11/12 24 26 28...
Rs. 5,661.00
3 PC A-Line Shirt With Net Dupatta and Cotton Shalwar CKP22-12
- Sequence Embroidered A-Line Shirt - Front Back and Sleeves Finished With Lace - Organza Stitching Details - Net Dupatta Finished with Lace Details - Embroidered Cotton Box Pleated Shalwar 4-6 Years 28",6-8 Years 30",8-10 Years 32",10-12Years 34",12-14 Years 36"
Rs. 6,950.00
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